UI/UX Design

We design our apps with separate UI for small screens like mobiles and big screens like laptops to provide a better feel for the user. Our web apps feel like a mobile app, even when using it on a browser. When the user Adds our app to the home screen, it behaves like a light version mobile app with logo shortcut on the home screen. We use material UI as our base design and extend on it with custom styles to make it look the way we want it to look.

Scaling & Usability

We use High-Performance Database with the most dependable and scalable technology stack in the world to aim for success. There is no limit on how big the database grows. We only load chunks of data at a time and consequently load more data with user interaction like on-scroll.

Basket Sync with Live Inventory Tracking

Users sign in with the mobile number via OTP or passcode. If they forget the passcode, they can log in with OTP. Customer can add items to the basket which will be stored on the database and will be available across all platforms. The app tracks live inventory and update basket items with the proper inventory. On the back-end, we can help users shop with ease.

Secure Custom API

Our API's work with security as a primary concern. From the ground up, we analyse and build API's with the required functionalities to provide data to authorised users only. Our API's talk only with our Apps and block other incoming calls to ensure safe data transfer.

Caching for High Performance

Our app uses caching intensely to improve user experience. Not all the time, though. For product load, we always use a network request to ensure proper inventory loading. The rest of the data, as well as images, are cached locally as well as in nearby CDN's.

Progressive Web App (PWA) (SPA+SSR)

Our web apps follow the rules and guidelines to work as a mobile app. The users can install web apps on their home screen. With instant live updates, users always get the latest version of our apps while they are using it. All they need is a browser, specifically on Android (Chrome) and on IOS (Safari). Which luckily are the apps that come pre-installed on their mobile devices.

3rd Party Integrations

Delhivery, Razorpay, Cloudinary & SMS Gateways are some of the examples we've integrated effectively to work seamlessly with our apps. We also generate helper documents, like CSV files, to be uploaded onto 3rd party platforms.

User Authentication

Gated sign-in makes users more clear about what they need to do. There is a single point view where the user enters his/her phone number. We check if the user exists or not, and based on that we direct users with proper screens. Minimal information is collected to make the user feel less cumbersome.

New Age Inventory Management

Our apps, work efficiently to track and update the inventory with the user action. Be it, the end-user or operations users. We track activities and the timings to ensure the logging of information for future reference.

Automation Tools

We integrate automation-tools for routine checkups. To perform specific tasks and notify on certain conditions. The possibilities are endless with our automation tools. You'll know it when they are actively working for you 24/7/365 days.