TBITS INDIA is an E-Commerce agency dedicated to building the perfect E-Commerce solution for Businesses and ideal shopping app for end-users. Harmony comes when everything works in sync.

Our ability to stand and think in the users perspective gives us the ability to code and build apps that are more engaging for the end-users. We use the most advanced technology to meet the scaling demands. With us as your technical partners, the sky is your limit.

Let's look at our journey.



We started our new company with the name Tech Bit IT Solutions and registered it under the Government of Karnataka, India. We worked on multiple branding projects, custom technology-powered websites and College ERP web apps.


We started working on new and updated technologies to build a food delivery web application. We designed and developed easy to use apps for customers, hotel owners, customer care and delivery boys. They all worked in equanimity.

This app worked in real-time, and we had tied up with 45+ restaurants around the city. We served our users successfully for One whole year until big pocketed companies came and captured what we had accomplished. Also, our app worked only in a single city, and we could not scale or get funding.

So we went back to the whiteboard to start fresh and build location-based apps with unlimited scalability.


We started our survey on the best location-based e-commerce companies in the world. And we ended up with the knowledge of the technologies they are using and how they could achieve success in such a short time.

In contrast, we were working on building a location-based online grocery shopping web app, and we got a similar opportunity to create an e-commerce app for an 80 years old textile shop which is famous in south Karnataka.

We finished building the working clothing e-commerce app & launched it in October 2019, and since then, it has only seen improvements in terms with usability.


We are continually working on making our apps work efficiently on critical situations and use cases. Scaling is our primary concern, and so far we've done it well.

We are looking into expanding our clientele, to get the benefits of our technology stack and our easy to use backend operational apps. Our clients can serve their customers better now with our dedicated web apps. We are looking not for quantity but the quality of clients to work for and help their digital dreams come true.

We will be re-launching our company Chillbasket sometime when the pandemic gets to an end so that we can serve our customers better and help farmers live and earn their living with respect. We believe that the perfect apps are not a myth but something we aspire to build over time and achieve it with perfection.

If you're a business looking to serve your end-customers better, you're in the right place. Drop us your requirements in the contact form, and we will look into it, analyse it thoroughly and get back to you with a business proposal that works for you and achieve your goals.